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Tax Disputes Podcast - Brazil

We have launched our round the world Tax Disputes podcast series with the first episode covering Brazil. I enjoyed the conversation with Dominic Robertson, Co-Head of Slaughter and May’s Tax Disputes Practice and Ricardo Bolan, Co-Head of Lefosse Advogados’ Tax Practice. 

It is an exciting time in Brazil for the corporate tax disputes landscape as Brazil works towards OECD membership.  Listen to the podcast to find out why, historically, Brazil has been such a litigious jurisdiction (it is rare to see companies without multiple tax disputes on the go), taking a long time to resolve litigation and hear about the improvements that have been made to speed up the resolution process.

Ricardo also provides an excellent summary of the significant indirect tax changes coming in over a number of years which should, when the reform is fully implemented, decrease the amount of tax litigation in this area.

Further episodes will be released weekly exploring the tax disputes landscape in each of the USA, Australia, India, Nigeria and France.  Subscribe to our Tax News show on your preferred podcast app to make sure you catch them all.


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